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10/11/2020 5:07 pm  #1

Closing 31 year old shop

Closing shop, need to move this pretty quickly  Building got sold.   Email for information, Niles ohio 44446  Engine machine service 330-505-1804   Listed on our facebook page

List of equipment for sale,   Operating shop .  FOB buyer, buyer responsible for removal. We are on    premises to assist.   Hi lift available for up to 4000lb lift.
 Reasonable offers accepted.   Cash, check, Major credit cards accepted.
1-Axe  SW50EX parts washer  purchase 1995 ( reman pump earlier 2020)  This washer is big enough to clean a cat 3412 block  with oil skimmer ------------$3000.00
 1 almost full drum Interchem 470 lb  #1425  cleaning compound    $600.00
1-axe RB 70 Rinse booth 70 gallon capacity  purchase   oct 2018 ---------------$2500.00
1-Axe VF28 filtration system-------------------------$250.00
Above items will give you a full fledged caustic cleaning system  EPA compliant- closed loop system
1-Build all parts washer  HPJ48  220V elect-single phase 50A  225 gallon  soak tank with agitator-----------------------$700.00
1-Axe tumbler   purchase 1989-------------------------$250.00
1-Van Norman CP Crank straightener press purchase 1989-------------------$300.00
1-Van Norman PH6000da Seat and guide machine with auto roll over fixture and
HD head fixture  Tooling to bore common guides,  Purchase 1989 includes
1-mt4er 32s18 Collet set for  seat and guide machine
1-Goodson VGl100 level
            1-Goodson 3D fast cut kit 3 angle cutter set
1-Van Norman adjustable seat cutter kit  pur. 1989
1-Fixed seat cutter set (12)  assorted van Norman-+ goodson   $5500.00 total package
1-valve seat runout indicator- $50.00
1-Bore gage for valve guides------------- $150.00
1-Sioux 1630 vacuum tester (goodson)-------  purchase 1998?-----------$100.00
1-electric vacuum tester-package-------------------------------$200.00
1- rimac 250 lb spring tester   older--------------------$250.00
1- sunnen valve guide hone.   Great for Bronze guides-----$600.00
1-Kwic way valve grinder SVSD  with Sioux cabinet Grinder purchased 09-27-99 VGC Grinds very true $2750.00
1-Atlas propane Conn  rod heater on cart with tank purchased 1989-------------$500.00
1-van Norman RPH rod hone with gage  Uses Sunnen Mandrels purch 1989  includes
1-13? danmar rod mandrells compatiple wit sunned 1.5”-3.900-
1-18? Sunnen pin mandrells- assorted  purch 1989—
Great deal  to cover Conn rods up to 3.900 Bore
$3000.00 for lot
1-KO lee rod aligner –old------------$200.00
1-Van Norman rod alignment checker with dial indicators  purc 1989-------------$500.00
1-Van Norman HP 10 pin press Purch 1989--------$500.00
1-Van Norman VB160SF boring mill 13.8 cutter head/ Tooling to bore approx 2.100- 8” bore with rollover tooling and  V fixture  purchased  Great machine for boring and resurfacing heads and blocks, besides small heads can resurface up to C15 heads,  N14 and  C15 blocks, tooling for O/ringing blocks,  Install sleeves, cut counter bores  all in one great machine.1989-----------$21500.00
1-approx 20 gallon solvent parts washer-----------------$125.00
1-DCM Magnetic particle inspection ( magnaflux clone) with 20” coil  Model MPI 3062  with newer Magnaflux brand LED  UV light assembly--------------------$8000.00
1-Van Norman CH1002  Cylinder hone machine ( manual) purchased 1989---------$2500.00
1-Van Norman LB 12 align bore machine 2.125-6” aprox range with V engine clamping kitPurchased 1898-----Can do small block chevy to 3412 Cat block  -- $8000.00
1-Hobart iron man 210 mig welder-with tank, regulator, helmet, extended power cord--VGC-------$1250.00
1-Quincy 7.5 hp air compressor QT7ST  purchased 2002- will need to stay until not needed--------$1250.00
1- DD  53-71-92 tube installer kit---------------------
1- DD 60 series Injector tube kit---#J33880 For brass tubes and includes later screw in tubes---$850.00
1- Cummins injector tube NH NT tube installer kit-------------------------------
1-Tube tooling for DT466  both manual and electronic ( 3 kits total)-----------------
1-Misc valve seat grinding equipment, Stone holders/ drivers all 3/8 top 1-approx assorted ( 40?) valve guide reamers with reducer driver  Many pilots  You will be ready to grind virtually any seat $700.00—for all
1-Mira magnetic counter bore tool  smaller bores
1- Mira Magnetic counter bore tool- larger fits Cummins N14   DD 60 etc-------$1200.00 for pair.
1-Connecting rod ( automotive) balancer with Ohaus scale ---------------$500.00
1-Small machine vise-----------------------------------------------------
1-KD 250 # torque wrench-------------------------------------------
1-Inside mic set Scheer Tunico up to 8”   purch 1989--------------------Sell with VB160
[*]Misc die grinders----------------------------------------------
1-Starret 0-9” depth mike   ( purch 1999)-----------------------------$200.00
1-Mitutoyo Digital ( non elect)  0-4” depth mic purc 1989--------------------$100.00
1-Mitutoyo 6-7” OD Micrometer-----Purch 1989-------------------$100.00
1-Mitutoyo 7-8” od Micrometer Purch 1989----------------------------$100.00
1-Fowler 8”-9” od Micrometer      --------------------------$100.00
1- Mic set Mitutoyo 12”-18” od  ( interchangeable rod style)------------$150.00
1-CP ¾ impact wrench   with
Set 11 Mac ¾ drive sockets ¾- to 1-3/8-- $250.00
1-675 mack pin bushing installer kit with broach   $100.00----
1-Cummins 855 pin bushing installer kit--------------
1-lot assorted pin bushing drivers home made---------------
1-Atlas cam bearing driver set- automotive----------$125.00
1-1200 psi electric pressure washer------------------------------$600.00-
1-sunnen junior hone---drill driven-------------$200.00
1-Sunnen AN style hone  drill driven --------------------$250.00
1-Steel strapping banding cart with tools ½” wide banding------------------
1-Steel bench with Vise and rod bench  $250.00
1- Stanley Vidmar Storage cabinet 17 drawer   30” W  57”H 28”D       $800.00
Irontite Tool to cut fire ring grooves in mack heads= 673-675-E6-E7-V8   2 and 4V heads.  $300.00
Lot of soft plugs, cam bearings, valves, valve seats, valve seals and keeper.
Misc  other items aquired from 31 years in business,  some pallet racks, parts shelving.


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