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1/07/2016 5:08 pm  #1

Crankshaft Balancing

I have been playing with balancing for a while now and thought I would put out a few thoughts for comments. The comments may give me confidence in my ways, or change them . I am working with an older Hines HC500

A couple of times now when I have had a crank that needs a small amount of weight added, I have looked at the opposite side removed weight to throw the correction point onto the edge of the counterweight, then made the required correction.  I realize there can be issues with stress relieving the surface tensions which could cause some warping of the crank. I possibly may have run into this on one crank where I significantly removed the casting lines. There may have been a .0005" misalignment as a result. As an afterthought, the removal of the casting line  did not contribute significantly to moving the correction angle anyway.

When adding tungsten, I find it can be challenging to stake the crank especially if you drill the hole through. I have tried keeping the hole blind so that only the more accessible side needs staking. This does mean that you cannot ream for a good fit. I find in most cases the 1/2" tungsten taps in nicely, the .438 is more of a challenge to get tight. I have used red locktite to ensure the weights stay secure.

If you are one who firmly believes in a through hole so that it can be reamed, do you have any suggestions for staking the hard to access side?
Thanks for your thoughts

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1/13/2016 6:08 am  #2

Re: Crankshaft Balancing

 I dont do enough Heavy Metal to justify the tooling right now.  I have a friend at another shop install the metal for me and then I finish the balancing.  I have been there when he does it and he always drills all the way through and I have never seen him stake the holes afterwards.  As hard as it is to press the metal in, I cant imagine it ever coming out.

I wonder if your tooling is worn and not finishing the holes to the correct size ? Have you tried drilling and reaming a hole and actually measuring it to see how much press fit there is ? 


Bill Koustenis
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1/20/2016 6:03 pm  #3

Re: Crankshaft Balancing

I believe staking was described in one set of instructions I read, but they were supposed to have an interference fit. I don't remember how much. I have purchased a reamer that should give me a good fit on the .438 tungsten, but I haven't had the opportunity to try it yet.

Thanks for the input

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1/30/2016 9:54 pm  #4

Re: Crankshaft Balancing

Do you know what kind of interference he uses for any particular common size?


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2/17/2016 11:18 am  #5

Re: Crankshaft Balancing

Chamfer tungsten and roll metal around it. got to have right grinding wheel to do so.


7/22/2016 10:36 am  #6

Re: Crankshaft Balancing

Ground heavy metal comes 2-3 thou. oversize, use standard drills/reamers.


10/16/2018 9:01 am  #7

Re: Crankshaft Balancing

Turner Technologies is so awesome! I up graded my  stewart Warner Balancer about 5 years ago with their software and been extremely pleased with it. Last week I got a spike from somewhere and it destroyed my program. I called them and talked Warren and he said I had a 10year warranty to send it to him and in within a week I was up and running again. If any of you need to upgrade your software please give them a call you wont be disappointed! Outstanding company.


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