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12/13/2017 8:54 pm  #1

2000 Ford 5.4 VIN L exhaust studs

Thank you in advance for any help regarding this 2000 Ford F250 Super Duty 2-valve SOHC 5.4 L exhaust stud issue. This is the most difficult removal of the studs out of the heads I've ever encountered after getting the manifolds off within the vehicle. Tools used include Stahwillie and SnapOn  stud removers, pencil right angle die grinder with high quality bits, drill/bits/screw extractors, Cobra oxy/acetylene torch (very precise, controllable flame), vise grips, and too much time. These studs, being different than any other 5.4 studs I've removed successfully in the past, are larger on the cylinder head end than the manifold end. Each stud (those that hadn't broke off the head while driving b 4 it got to my shop) are being extremely difficult to unscrew. I've used the tiny die grinder bits to remove material where the stud "swagged" or folded into the head. What do you cylinder head folks use to get these out if/when building these heads?  


12/14/2017 8:08 pm  #2

Re: 2000 Ford 5.4 VIN L exhaust studs
​ Update to Ford exhaust stud issues: I've determined that the PI heads on this Ford F250 were removed or possibly even in car repaired with a Time-Sert or Heli-Coil thread procedure. And, no studs made anywhere are going to fit in the bore anymore....the damage during running around with this vehicle's exhaust leaks over time messed up the stud bore too much to save. Customer will be informed of the bad news pertaining to head replacement - and most of you readers probably know that pulling the engine is probably just as "easy" as fighting with replacing the heads on these Fords within the vehicle. 

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