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10/02/2015 2:09 pm  #1

Deck height measurement on 348 chevy W block

We have a chevy 348 we're checking the deck height on.  Prosos says, "9.0315"  We are assuming that is measured from the intake manifold side of the cylinder where the deck comes closest to the actual cylinder wall.

Anyone have a method they use to measure that as a bare block without
the block up? Often, just to get close, we use a bar through the mainline and check upwards to the deck. but with this being at an angle, that method goes out the window.  

We may just have to put a rod and piston in and do it that way.



10/06/2015 3:52 pm  #2

Re: Deck height measurement on 348 chevy W block

The block height is measured at the center of the bore to deck.How close the factory block was is anyones guess.
Confirm the comp. height of the replacement pistons as some differ as much as .020 for stock stuff and the aftermarket HP pistons some are build more squeeze in HP applications.
Comfirm comp. heights from new to original and decide how much from there.

Its a;ways best to put in the 4 end pistons with a heavy lube and tape the skirts tight so they do not rock and do a mock up.That way the deck tilt can be corrected at the same time. The pistons are a PItA to flycut if you get it wrong so take the extra time to do the mock up.

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