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7/29/2016 5:09 pm  #11

Re: Salvaging a Screwed up Bore:(

I was just giving an OPTION to rcull. But you had to butt in and insult me ( and yes you DID mean to insult me), trying to impress everyone. You picked on the wrong guy this time, because I expose you for what you are--a " know it all with a big nose". It does not matter what you reply back, because I have already had enough of this forum, thanks to you. " Get over yourself ! "


7/30/2016 1:12 am  #12

Re: Salvaging a Screwed up Bore:(

I will say it anyway cause you will read this,I don't do junk repairs regardless of the reason and neither does the OP. or anyone else on this forum!!! He was wanting real world help for an issue not a back yard band aid for a short time fix. 
You made a suggestion that was not in the OP's best interest for a new build for a customer.

That stuff was OK and fine back in the 60's when knurling pistons was a daily deal cause parts were very costly
but it todays world its not done. Try to post that stuff on any other popular forum and you will get  very unwelcome replys or fifty for that matter  much worse 
Have a nice life and get up to date on reality

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8/12/2016 11:29 am  #13

Re: Salvaging a Screwed up Bore:(

Chuck it In the hone and see how it cleans up,  I would not be afraid of going .001 over if nesc,   If it cleans up, then good to go,  if you have doubts, sleeve it.


9/15/2016 11:00 am  #14

Re: Salvaging a Screwed up Bore:(

I,m with you on this Dave wouldn't want that guy building anything for me regardless of of his age knowledege or experience, if he has all that knowledge and experience how did he over bore the hole to start with Hummmm squeeze a piston and make it grow how does he keep it round


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