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11/14/2021 6:59 pm  #1

Spray Washer Foaming Issue

Hello  to everyone.  We installed a new Axe Equipment  Spray Washer about a year agor specifically for aluminum.   We have  been fighting a severe foam issue from the very start. We have used a low foam chemical from Zep Chemical  for years. No major problem with our old machine. But we have used probably 18 -20 gallon of DeFoam in the last year. I've tried Goodson  low foam cleaner for aluminum. We now use a chemical made by Sure Chemical that is supposed to be a low foam cleaner. All work great as far as cleaning goes.However,  a week into use, all of them are foaming and making a big mess in the floor. We have tried higher temperature,  lower temperature,  less product, more product, no big difference  has been noticed.  Just curious if any of you have this problem.  Another note to add, we replaced a 20 year old machine that did not have the foam problem,  it was just too small for the volume of aluminum we are seeing today.We rarely had to add DeFoam.  I just can't see this being a machine issue,  but I'm tempted to reinstall the old machine to eliminate the mess in my floor. Any thoughts on this?


11/25/2021 10:42 am  #2

Re: Spray Washer Foaming Issue

We also have a AXE washer with no foam issues for aluminum do you have the mixture pretty close to mfg. recomendatios

The only time i had foam issues is when i cleaned out the tank a put a 1/2 gal of Tide liquid in the tank to degrease everything good thingĀ  it's out side the shop had soap suds every where but it cleaned the machine


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