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10/01/2015 9:34 am  #11

Re: Cam Bearing R&R labor charges ??

Northern Indiana here. We charge $40 to install most all of our passenger car cam bearings. We get more for Diesels, Tractors, you know, anything industrial.  Anything semi-fit that we have to bore, we charge completely different for of course.

If we have to fit some to get clearance we do not add on any charges.  Like most things it would be nice to raise some of these prices to a more ideal shop labor percentage, but when we doing an entire engine rebuild, we might lose some business.  Shop rates, and individual charges are something we are constantly thinking about, and trying address shortcomings.  

Perhaps I'll look a little closer at how much time this operation takes.

MrBill, quite interesting about cams converted to reamers.  Just a slot ground in an old cam I assume?  


10/01/2015 10:43 am  #12

Re: Cam Bearing R&R labor charges ??

That Would do the job however you need to cut slots in all the journals that way you can doo all the bearings that are tight at the same time.

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2/17/2016 11:31 am  #13

Re: Cam Bearing R&R labor charges ??

did one yesterday and charged $150.00/ including bearings. still had crank and rods in it. just went up to $55.00 labor to install though. What the hell! I got the tool its supposed to make me $$$. lol


5/02/2017 7:38 am  #14

Re: Cam Bearing R&R labor charges ??

Man, much better rates anywhere outside of GA apparently. We charge $35 to install if you buy the bearings from us, and $45 if you bring your own. Shop rate is $75 an hour still and not looking to change anytime soon.


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